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Nos valeurs

Our company is built on a set of values that allows everyone, us, our clients, partners, and consultants, to work together and succeed, in a climate of trust, harmony, and sharing.

We are an ethical company with a long-term view, be it in building sustainable solutions, or in building relationships with our clients, our partners and, most importantly, with our employees.

We endeavour to always give meaning to our business, constructing the internal functioning of companies, through our motto: “Advancing organizations and people”.

Advancing organizations and people

We cultivate a state of mind in which our primary vocation is to build your organization and your information system with minimum disruption. Our values are the keystones of our work.


Our values applied to our clients


A drive to deliver goals and has a sense of responsibility for the success of our clients and their associates: to be committed to results, deadlines and budgets, to provide all the required skills, to provide long-term support, to ensure an international presence and global support.

To respect different contexts and teams, leading and supporting change while facilitating knowledge transfers.

Our values applied to staff

During the execution of a project, within the team, we support employees in achieving their mission goals by helping them to develop their skills and responsibilities at their own pace. A professional but relaxed atmosphere is cultivated, in which employees are listened to, peer to peer assistance is encouraged, knowledge is shared, and coaching is provided, permitting employees to realise their full professional potential.

Internally, at least every six months, we assess progress made by the employee, listen to their wants and needs, and together we design a career path and draw up a training and coaching plan. Every employee’s role, rank, and salary is reviewed at the end of the financial year, and the company’s profits are distributed among the employees in proportion to their contribution, as part of a motivating bonus. We also offer the possibility of joining the shareholding scheme.

l'équipe PM

Within Progress Management, we advocate:

  • Transparency, in a subsidiarity framework
  • Saying what we do / doing what we say
  • The absence of arbitrariness
  • Consistency, particularly in business and internal operating rules. Proximity, humility and good will.

Above all, we ensure the well-being of all, through a friendly, sociable approach aimed at creating a good work environment. We maintain a harmonious work place, hold regular activity meetings and seminars, and organise shared festivities and sports.

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Our values applied to our Software Partners


We select reliable, robust, and durable offers. We are committed to having an in-depth knowledge of the tools and using them to their best advantage, following up with training/certification courses, and being at the leading edge of developments and new offers.

Experts techniques

Our values applied to our Technical Partners


We integrate and coordinate our external stakeholders by setting up genuine long-term partnerships and sharing working methods.

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