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Le métier de consultant

The Various Roles

Our consultants always work in an autonomous team with collective responsibility (no hierarchy). The profiles deployed on our missions are:

Mission Manager:

is in charge of a project for a given client. They guarantee the viability of the organizational and information system solution, ensure the smooth running of the project procedure, coordinate the team, and manage the relationship with the client.

Functional Manager:

He/she is an expert and a referent in his/her field. He/she manages single-function projects and coaches junior consultants.

Project Management Support Consultant:

supports the Project Managers and the client teams.
He/she has skills in Change Management and PMO, in addition to Business and Functional skills.

Functional Consultant:

intervenes in a particular field, and has skills in three areas:

  • Business, among the company’s fields: finance, purchasing management control, supply chain, sales management, production, BI
  • Functional: IS through the most advanced versions of the SAP software package
  • Management: through procedures and methods developed, and via change management.

Technical Development Consultant:

in charge of the specific adaptations for their clients.
Has ABAP and WEB development skills, and full knowledge of the SAP functional modules.

The Architecture and Administration Technical Consultant:

in charge of the clients’ infrastructure and supports them in the everyday management of their systems.
Has BC, Solution Manager, PC and UNIX skills.

“Assignment to a mission is an important step in the working life of the company and the consultants, as many factors are considered to reach this decision:

The availability, competence, and wishes of the consultants, the developmental path envisaged, the "fit" with the client company environment, and the geographical location.”

The life of a consultant at Progress Management


a crucial step

During your first year, you will be supported by a mentor whose objective is to facilitate your integration, help you develop your skills, and answer all your questions.

This person coaches the new consultant by sharing lessons learned from experience. They are outside your management line, and so are better placed to take a benevolent, helpful approach in helping you to find your feet within the organisation and adapt to our working methods and missions. Your mentor constructs your training plan to support your progress.

You will be given the “Consultant’s Guide” during a seminar presenting the role of the Progress Management consultant, this contains methods and tools, to allow newcomers to learn about the structure.

a priority for Progress Management

We have a process of continuous monitoring that is more frequent and open than in traditional companies. Under management’s eye, the consultant progresses at the pace that suits them, with the guarantee that their aspirations are taken into account, and that the remuneration they receive is fair in relation to their skills.

There are many routes open to an employee to develop a rich and varied career, and they can progress according to the sector, field, or profession involved, the responsibilities taken on, and the opportunities of their geographical affiliation (Paris, province, abroad).

Accompagnement de projet

A consultant's professional development requires the broadening of their skills

  • Business: through the diversity of sectors, within the same function or by adding complementary functions.
  • SAP product: through the variety of offers, within a module or by mastering additional modules.
  • Management: by maturing on the “procedure and method” dimension or on change management.

Later, they can move towards a Functional Manager role with business expertise, or Mission Manager by guaranteeing solutions, managing the project team, and managing client relations.

They also have the opportunity to become a shareholder, to progress towards the position of Associate Director, and to participate in the management of the company.

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