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The best tools to succeed in your profession


In accordance with our clients’ strategies, you help build the organization and the IS of companies making them more adaptive and efficient, and better equipped to face the challenges of the future. You can count on best-practices developed in-house, the leading SAP ERP and its innovative offers, and our efficient, practical procedures.

Management that promotes
personal fulfilment


You work as part of a team in a relationship of trust, in a calm, relaxed, and professional atmosphere. Our culture is one of sharing, mutual aid and caring. We make sure that consultants feel comfortable. With a lean hierarchical structure that encourages team autonomy, we encourage initiative and welcome your ideas.

A HR and salary policy resolutely oriented towards employees


Your progress and professional wishes are taken into account. Consultant appraisals are held every six months. Together we review the evolution of your skills, adapt your roles and responsibilities, and define your career path and action plan (training, coaching, etc.). We take your progress into account to review your rank and salary. Salary information is displayed so that everyone sees where they stand, and the calculation is open and transparent.

A fair, variable, incentive share


You benefit from motivating and constructive feedback on your work.

In addition to the half-yearly salary increase, every year since our creation, 50% of the profits have been redistributed to employees in proportion to their work contribution. For motivated workers, this represents about 20% of their gross salary. Finally, in joining the business, you will also have the opportunity to become a shareholder.

Good humoured conversation and working environment to guarantee your well-being at work


Joining us means sharing this spirit of friendliness and geniality within an ethical company with benevolent, transparent, approachable management, both in the company and in the field. Quarterly activity meetings to inform and exchange information, seminars to get together, regular proposals for extra-professional activities, and an on-premise self-service sports hall are just some of the results of this approach.





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