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Cereals, dairy products, sugar and alcohol, dry, fresh, frozen, and sterilized grocery products, ready-made meals, drinks / bottling, wines and spirits, chocolate and confectionery, bread-making, bakery, pastries and biscuits, meat, etc. Commercial companies and agricultural cooperatives.

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Beyond its SAP expertise, Progress Management helps you master business concepts right up to operational implementation, including all key aspects of the agri-food industry.

Regulatory and Contractual Aspects:

Traceability (batches, SSCC), standardization (labelling), certifications, regulatory declarations, contract dates, standardized EDI exchanges, materials tracking via expiry dates, materials summaries, quality control, seasonality, variable weights, identification with the production date per batch, food safety, etc.

Modelling of Manufacturing Processes:

Continuous (process) and discontinuous (packaging stages) processes, just-in-time lines and flow approaches, manufacture of semi-finished products, changes of state (freezing/deep-freezing, maturing, etc.), management of co-products and by-products, preservation (fresh, ultra-fresh), etc.

Market Requirements:

Supermarket and BtoB distribution, complex pricing, customer certification, management of deferred agreements (RFA, ACD, NIP, etc.), logistics management and organization, and consignment.

Progress Management
accompanies you in the transformation of your sector

Going international is a vital part of your strategy and you are looking for a partner capable of incorporating these new dimensions: logistics circuits, production units in emerging countries, European or even world-wide shared service centres, multi-channel distribution, etc.

Capitalizing on our experience since 1996, we bring added insight and business knowledge to these international deployments.

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Because agri-food industries are particularly concerned with optimizing the supply chain, Progress Management offers optimal best practices in industrial management and process integration. All our ideas, actions, and tools are geared towards solutions that smoothly and seamlessly support the processes related to WMS, MES and APS, to ensure traceability and a service rate that complies with industry requirements.

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