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A recognized specialist in the distribution sector, which includes a wide range of members:

Purchasing centres, trading companies, selective distribution to sales outlet networks, with a variety of issues: referencing, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, sales network management.

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Our knowledge and experience of the sector’s business processes, reflected in our verticalized and preconfigured SAP solutions, enable us to support our clients by adapting to their specificities and needs.

Purchasing Centres

Purchasing centres are facing ever new challenges: catalogue development, selection of suppliers, optimization of logistics processes, streamlining of administrative processes, margin management, and distribution network management.


  • Strong repositories to efficiently support referencing and sourcing functions, including for large imports
  • Rigorous negotiation processes to obtain better purchasing conditions and promotional services
  • Grouping of orders from all members for financial optimization
  • Organization of supplies and allocations to leverage a truly competitive advantage
  • Diversity and complexity of rear margins


Trading companies are characterized by their high level of responsiveness to growing demands for functions such as the optimization of stock levels and logistics, the rationalization of financing needs, the fine-tuning of margins and commercial policy


  • Real-time profitability analysis at the heart of the business, taking into account all costs incurred: upstream logistics, advertising and promotional expenses, distribution costs, commercial cooperation, etc.
  • An imperative: good synergy with distribution networks by streamlining the supply chain on both the upstream and downstream goods transport processes.

Selective Distribution / Retail

Selective distribution, organized through networks of targeted sales outlets, guarantees controlled margins and the privileged customer contact that is essential to brand development


  • Strong management of sales outlets’ back offices and efficient integration with cash management applications provides optimization of restocking and sales
  • Coordination of brands and distribution channels at the heart of the system
  • Analyses of sales, turnover, and stock levels for all sales outlets in real time grants a major competitive advantage

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