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The SAP eXpress Services solution is designed for service companies whose business is to deliver services invoiced on a time work unit, a fixed price, or a rate basis.

Why choose SAP eXpress Services

SAP eXpress Services is designed for SMEs in the consulting and service provision fields, as well as other environments: analysis laboratories, design offices, home care services, etc.

Société de service
  • To have secure business flows around time management.
  • To have a forecast management tool to anticipate and manage resources.
  • To administer different types of management systems: time-based, fixed price, outsourcing, ancillary products, etc.
  • To invoice according to different conditions: time-based, fixed price, according to an invoicing schedule, or upon validation of the service provision.
  • To rely on a simple but robust back office management system.
  • To analyse and distribute management summaries with flexibility and in real time.
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Our Clients' Stories

Qualtech Groupe

consolidated and made its data more reliable with SAP

“In itself, a tool that guarantees the accuracy of consolidated data for several activities was sufficient to justify the implementation of this project. But we are also seeing significant savings in time, especially in administering invoicing.”

Pierre LenfantGeneral Manager, IFBM

Business Sector: Beer, beverages, and milling sectors
Solution: The preconfigured SAP eXpress Services solution,
provided by PM and based on SAP Business All-in-One
Length of project: 3 months

When Pierre Lenfant joined the Institute in 2008, he immediately focused his attention on one principle objective: to obtain reliable consolidated figures for all business lines in the company.

The project started in November 2010, after a period of analysis, and resulted in an operational system by February 2011. IFBM chose to discard its existing system although it maintained its customer and supplier databases, etc.

In less than three months, a single platform was implemented, capable of combining the figures of all its activities with structured, automated processes that guarantee the accuracy of the data.

“Thanks to clearly defined processes and rules, it took us only a month to absorb the accounting data in line with our management criteria. Without SAP, this would not have been possible,” concludes Pierre Lenfant.

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