ESCP Europe Magazine n° 159 – March/April 2015


Interview with Vincent RAUCAZ (MSY 92), PM Progress Management President, who reviews the company’s project of more than 100 consultants specialized in organization and information systems implementation consulting.

What is your positioning?

Our job is to help our customers to support any organizational and information systems project, using solutions from the world’s leading in enterprise software solutions SAP. We build the internal functioning of companies around the IS.
Our clients are companies with international ambitions, actors in the agri-food, selective and non-selective distribution sectors and services for professionals, for which we have a recognized functional and business expertise.

What are your main characteristics?

We are both a consulting company and integrator solutions: we attach great importance to the implementation of our recommendations in a logic of strong commitment to our customers, and rule of project success on immediate maximization results.
PM Progress Management is a company that naturally adopted many of a liberated company principles: strong team autonomy, encouragement of initiatives and reflections, generalization of project mode, lightweight hierarchical structure, managers serving their teams, culture of mutual support and benevolence.
For 20 years, this business logic has enabled us to support a serene growth based on the quality of the services delivered to our customers.
Our management rules constitute a further variation of the notion of the common good. The share capital is entirely held by active employees of the company. Mechanisms allowed the evolution of shareholding smoothly. Management transparency is also permanent: posted salaries, periodic presentation of results and economic performance, profitability analyzes of projects accessible to all. Since the beginning, 50% of the EBIT has been redistributed annually to employees according to their contribution.

What are your development axes?

Our development strategy is characterized by diversification on three axes: the technological axis with emerging solutions such as cloud, mobility, in-memory computing. The functional axis by cultivating new skills such as optimization of supply chain or budget planning. The sectoral axis finally investigating new trades based on our past successes. At the same time, we are continuing our efforts to remain unavoidable in our areas of predilection.

What are the opportunities offered by PM Progress Management?

Graduates from business schools have a corporate culture and a learning curriculum that is fully compatible with our professions. We recruit creative and rigorous candidates, with a taste for the effort, willing to become operationally involved in processes reengineering and information systems projects.
PM Progress Management offers them the opportunity to gradually take responsibility for domains, missions, offices and even access to the association.

Interview by Houda Ghaebi.