In the global competition, mid-cap companies (200 to 5,000 employees, with sales below 2 billion euros) must ensure their international development and face highly competitive environments. It is vital for them to be agile and fast to adapt to market demands and to face the changing context. Their resources are optimized and strongly solicited and their investment capacity constrained. They are organizations in which hierarchical lines are gathered, and where the Directorates General, close to the field with a high level of demand, must get it right.
In this context, the evolution of their internal functioning, their organization and their information system are strategic subjects which must obey rigorous principles of efficiency, respect of budgets and deadlines. These mid-cap companies must look for IT solutions and implementing partners that seriously meet these expectations: reliable, sustainable, scalable, broad spectrum functional software; provider able to support them for the long term at an acceptable cost taking into account all the projects dimensions.

PM and SAP: a confidence duo for SMEs

The PM Progress Management and SAP offerings are particularly well adapted to this type of company. Their founding partners developed a business project, almost 20 years ago, fully in line with the concerns of the SMEs. The effectiveness of their approach comes from the simultaneous consideration of the business, organizational and information systems dimensions. During a IS change, these companies seek to increase their efficiency. The achievement of this objective requires the choice of a partner who is proficient in their profession. Respect for good practices, sectoral capitalization, process vision, advisory role, decision-making and steering dimension, concern for adapting solutions to workstations, are all business themes motivated by PM Progress Management consultants interventions in everyday life. “Since 1996, the success of our projects with SAP has not stopped. The world leader in management software is one of the only players able to offer solutions that are as reliable and as long-lasting. We count among our first customers, an industrial SME in the packaging sector, which structured its IS with the SAP offerings since 1998 and has managed its growth for 15 years without changing his software solution or provider: new activities, new subsidiaries, international deployments, version changes, etc. Commented Vincent Raucaz, President of PM Progress Management. The implementation process of PM Progress Management is also tailored to the size, culture and business environment of its clients. Accompanying methods for all the actors make it possible to make the right choices. Change management is coordinated with integration and progress throughout the projects. After project go-live, PM Progress Management is on-going with its customers who wish to provide functional, technical and user support to improve the existing, support evolutions, seize optimization opportunities and provide expertise to teams. This maintenance activity is assumed by a dedicated team certified every year by SAP as a Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). Their clients as well as any other serenity and a la carte, outsource all or part of their maintenance.

The new SAP offer: a turning point and opportunities

The recent release of S/4HANA is the most important event since the release of SAP R/3 in the 1990s. This offer brings together all the latest innovations in IT and builds on the 40 years’ experience of the publisher to reinvent the company’s operations: the HANA In-Memory platform allows sharing of a condensed data repository, simplified, and free of technical burdens such as aggregates, redundancies and other indices. Thanks to this innovative technologic foundation, S/4HANA promotes a completely redesigned and simplified functional offer, highlighting the real-time transactional analysis and mixing domains that once worked in silos: ERP, BI but also APS, CRM, PLM, SCM … All of this, down to the road, is available in a unified system to reduce costs and save time. The user experience is not to be outdone with Fiori, which allows S/4HANA customers to have an effective tool for action in the company’s processes: an adapted interface that enhances mobility, simplified execution of tasks in three steps, integration of real-time analyzes into operations, etc. The power of S/4HANA technology allows for further innovation by highlighting predictive analysis, recommendation, simulation and unstructured data analysis, integration of geographic data into business processes, …. whether in cloud mode, on-site, or through hybrid deployment scenarios. The rapid adoption of these offers by PM Progress Management customers, as well as the benefits, speed, ergonomics, freedom of imagination of the users, are signs that do not deceive the value of the proposed solutions.

Business solutions driven to excellence

To maximize the added-value and to minimize the risk of these complex operations, PM Progress Management positioned since the origin on some targeted branches of industry: food-processing industry, distribution and services. On each one of these sectors, a preconfigured offer, certified by SAP, was developed by the company. These preconfigured SAP solutions are packages of ready-to-use customizing. Each solution covers a hundred scenarios representative of a business sector all confused domains: process sales, supply chain, purchases and supply, warehouses management, production, quality and maintenance, finance and controlling. PM Progress Management clients reach an accelerator and a tool for securing project: the classic themes of their sector of activity are immediately available. The energy of the reflections can be focused on what makes the feature or the complexity of the processes to be implemented. These preconfigured solutions are also fitted with methodological tools, user and project manuals serving to produce the referential documentary of the future customer information system. Beyond, PM Progress Management develops its expertise on technical sector-specific SAP extensions highly targeted to be the closest to the business concerns: Vistex for commercial agreements, promotions management and the management of commissioning contracts, ACM for the management of trading in agricultural products, etc.

The international dimension taken on in account right from the start

At the time where the distances fade thanks to the efficiency of transport that put Europe two hours from Paris, New York six, and Asia less than one day, where everything happens in real-time through the internet and where economic globalization is running since the 90s, PM Progress Management supports its customers in their international development. Offers are inherently internationalized and can be adapted to foreign contexts. It is a key point which authorizes the SAP solution, in particular with regard to the languages and the local regulations. On the business plan, global experiences have been capitalized, in particulare in accounting and financial areas. Methods of work, the Organization have been adapted with maximum flexibility, to be present at the side of the clients wherever they are. Consultants are highly mobile, international mindset, and speak several languages. Thus, teams are configured according to the needs. The approach is adapted to the local context of our customers either through detachment of complete teams on site for the duration of the projects, or by outward journeys returns at key stages of the missions, or via a work in back-office from Headquarters with a reduced head of local bridge, any hybrid scenario is possible. In a concrete way, international activities represent nearly 20% of the turnover of the company which has so intervened on the whole continents and in many countries: Europe in almost all, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, to quote only the principal ones. After projects, PM Progress Management provides support for France and its Singapore Office, which allows ensuring availability 24/24 on time zones of its customers.